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commission correction

I would really like to know why I am getting charged commission correction fees on some of my invoices?  I have tried calling the help centre as well as the pulse app and no one is willing to help or explain exactly why I am getting there exorbitant fees charged! Feeling robbed



Prince d'Orang… 3 months ago

This is happening to me also, last one just today, 9 May 2022. I also am feeling robbed


Also, I have an outstanding payment from a reservation from 3 months ago - everything went well, the guest was happy and left a very positive review, but I have not been paid. I wrote using Extranet 3 times, never got an answer, so I wrote a paper letter to the CEO which was unanswered for more than 1 month, I sent the letter again by registered mail 2 weeks ago.

Is there a major problem inside I feel the company is exploiting its dominant position, and start to "steal" MY MONEY!

KAREN GIBSON 3 months ago

This has just happened to me too. No reason given. one third of the payout taken as a 'correction'.

Something is happening that they are not telling us.