Commission payment, GST and payment method in India

Hi, I'm new here and have just received my first few bookings. I understand that my country India does not have the automatic payout service from Booking.com yet; i.e. I will receive payments directly from the guest in cash. Anybody else here from India to confirm my understanding? If this be so, then how will I pay the commission (after invoices are received) to booking.com?

I mean, I want to know if the bank transfer to booking.com will be to an account within India (to their Mumbai office) or outside the country? I hope I won't have to pay more than what the commission is simply due to the rate of exchange applied for transferring funds outside the country. 

Also, I have noticed that not all of my bookings have been charged a GST amount, few have. Why is that so? And since GST is charged to me, but not collected from the guest, does that mean I will have to pay commission + GST to booking.com?

Somebody, please help answer.


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You'll pay the commission amount to BDC bank account located in Netherland (I beleive). You'll receive the invoice from BDC.
The extra costs are based of your local bank policies and laws.
Regarding the GST I don't know.. better you contact Booking.com support via extranet or your account manager (if you have one).

9 months ago