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Commission for postponed booking

Dear Colleagues,


I have some reservations postponed to a later date due to Covid-19.

Most of these reservations still not sure about their new dates, so the new date is still TBC.

Thus, we still keep the dates as they are in the extranet.

On the other side, we still receive an invoice from for the commission of this booking per original dates.

Can I please have a bit of clarity on how this supposed to resolve?

p.s sorry for my bad english


Warm regards,


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Fadli,


You have to either :

  1. change the dates to future dates you you will be billed now for commission , its that simple.
  2. Cancel those bookings, if prepaid to BdC will result in full refund.
  3. Cancel bookings after message to guest to come back later and rebook.


Kind Regards