Comparing booking.com to HomeAway

I have been with booking.com and HomeAway.com for a long time. For a two night stay at my rental HomeAway charges a service fee of $32 and lodging tax of $32.54. Plus, I pay an annual fee of $499.

For booking.com I pay a 15% commission only. It seems like booking.com is less expensive for the owners and the guests. I'm considering discontinuing HomeAway when my renewal is up. I have liked HomeAway but the annual fee seems high. I would like to get a few opinions if anyone has a few moments. Thanks, Delbert


It is difficult to judge as it depends on how many bookings you are getting through both sites.  I list on a few sites to fill up the dates, so don't come off HomeAway just yet.  Have a check to see if HomeAway do a booking only fee rather than an annual fee.  Also, depending on what country you are in booking.com also add on VAT, GST, etc onto the 15% so that can all add up.

Peter Martin

We started with AirBnB, then added VRBO and finally Booking.com.  The first year was about 50/50 with VRBO/AirBnB.  We were pleasantly surprised when we add Booking.com this year and fairly late in the season to boot! Our AirBnB reservations dropped to only 1 this year while Booking.com gathered 16% of total available days! Very impressed! Just to make you aware, our first Booking.com was just this past week so we are really impressed by the activity!