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Hi, has anyone else read the email that airbnb sent out offering to cover 25% of the loss of earnings between the 14th of March and the 31st of May?  It would be so nice if did something similar, especially in light of them offering full refunds to our guests, who could quite rightly cancel, right up until the last minute, due to Covid-19.  

I was full for  most of April and nearly all of May, bar two nights, so it would be such a nice gesture if they were to consider doing the same.  All my bookings were through



Copper Gate 2 years ago

There is no indication in any correspondence from that they will be providing compensation to hosts. AirBnB is providing compensation. This Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented and needs to show compassion and care for their partners.When will be providing compensation? We have lost 100% of our bookings. The financial hit needs to be spread between, the host and the guest.

Impala's Rest B&B 2 years ago

I agree, must accommodate their partners. Let's hope they will also send out a compensation plan like Airbnb and show their loyalty to their partners in this difficult time. I have lost ALL income due to Covid-19 and would appreciate any assistance from 

Individual ent… 2 years ago

I have also lost all reservations. And no new ones are coming in for the fall or winter. This virus will cost me my entire income for the year. I do hope booking provides some compensation.