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I have been charged £68.40 for a guests accomodation in a 5star hotel as we did not have a room available for his instant booking.  His reservation charge here was £48.40. On his arrival I offered to pay for a taxi and negotiated a reasonable rate for a room at a local hotel which I was happy to pay the difference £15.00.. he refused this and also several other likewise Bed and Breakfasts offered by You These Were also local to the Airport. He wanted to stay at the Holiday inn on the Airport and took full advantage of my overbooking ( only having 1 room available to to COVID 19 regulations)- I did NOT take any money for his booking and told him that the Holiday would cost  £116.00 and was not in the same bracket as a Bed and Breakfast 20 minutes walk away from the Airport. have charged me £68.40 and I have not recieved any payment from from the guest at all 

my question is HOW is this justifiable?

i have e.mailed and been ignored other than to say ....

The case is closed!  I would love this to be re’opened and refunded as a B&B is in no way a comparison to a 5 star Hotel!




Agreed relocations should start with similar property, and if none the difference should be paid by the guest not the partner.


If a guest refuses alternative provided by partner , then its entirely their own responsibility after that.


Its a terrible policy  by BdC ,and shows they only side with Guest Experience.




Kind Regards