Complaint about payments

Booking.com collected money on my behalf for a booking from in July 2019. Commission was subtracted by booking.com on this date. Yet, after 3 months, I have still not been paid. despite numerous messages and phone calls made by myself to the support numbers!

Secondly, I am receiving continuous reminders of a much smaller amount I supposedly owe Booking button for August while the money due to me by booking.com dates back to July! This raise the question:  Who owed who first and whose responsibility is it to pay first?

Thirdly, on 12 July 2019 I received an email letter from Booking.com, with a noreply address, informing me: "In light of discovered fraudulent activities and other irregularities we hereby terminate the accommodation agreement with immediate effect because of a material breach  of contract."

I have no idea what irregularities and material breach are being referred to. I have only had 2 bookings up to that stage! All my efforts to get clarification has been fruitless. I only received the same letter with the same wording and no further explanation!!!

Furthermore, in the letter I am requested to honor all future reservations as well as pay all commissions due to Booking.com. Does this not also apply for money owed to me by Booking.com?

I am now reverting to social media and other platforms to voice my frustration as I am not getting anywhere with Booking.com representatives! I am also going to inform a future Booking.com guest who has a reservation with me about the problem.

Spectacular Ap…

Hi Susan, 

I see Booking.com did not even try to reply to your post... I also have very bad experience with Booking.com. I am a Super-host at Airbnb for years with a score of 5 out of 5, but I am not getting anywhere with Booking.com. Frustration after frustration. Last time they refused to issue a large reservation cancellation invoice to a guest on my behalf and blocked my "payment reminder" messages to the guest when I was trying to recover my cancellation fee by myself.

I really get an impression that this is some sort of fraud venture.

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Susan Murray, thanks for your post. 

This space is all about partners sharing expertise, advice or questions with their fellow partners.

In order to reach out for help, I'd suggest to send a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

Have a nice day,



Susan Murray

Dear IIaria, Unfortunately I have sent numerous messages on Extranet, made numerous phone calls to the support number as well as the financial department, but I do not get any further - no explanation, no payment, etc! Surely if the client stayed and paid Booking.com, I am entitled to the payment which is now 4 months over due!! Is this not also fraud?

Spectacular Ap…

Absolutely agree with you Susan. Booking is assuming that they employ the hosts as the slaves rather than the Partners in business. It is a disgrace the way Booking operates, highly unprofessional and in harassing manner.