Complaints procedure

Does anyone know the complaints procedure for booking.com?

This not not a customer related complaint.  It is a company related complaint. 

Normally a company has a complaints procedure advertised on their website or extranet but I havent been able to locate this - does anyone know what the procedure is?

To confirm the complaint is about booking.com not a third party.

I have communicated via the extranet as I haven't found the complaints procedure and have made it clear that my request is a formal complaint and have requested someone senior contact me but so far its been a few weeks and no-one has responded. 

Has anyone else had this problem? - what did you do?


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Following as I also wish to make a formal complaint against booking.com

1 year ago
Henry Covey

I also need to make a complaint against them. Did you ever figure out the procedure?

3 months ago
Harriet Crawford

I too am furious with booking.com and the way they have handled things.  I am looking to make a formal complaint but cannot find out how to do it.  I was sent a very threatening email today saying they would take legal action when I had  paid all commission, although their automated service said I hadn't!  I have been to my bank twice to discuss and kept in touch via the extranet with booking.com but I have had no personal communication with them until finally today where they realised the payment had been made in November.  I have had nothing but trouble with this company since I joined in April 2019 and shall not be using them any longer.  They have got far too big and there is no personal service whatsoever but they are very happy to take large amounts of commission.

17 days ago

Just to provide a follow up on my original post....

I never did find out if there was an official complaints procedure.  No-one at booking.com were willing to provide that information, or the numerous people I spoke to, simply did not know the answer.  I went round and round the houses trying to get to the bottom of it. 

My complaint like Harriet Crawford's above, was financial.  Last year, it was a case of my account being suspended and receiving threatening action. This caused no end of stress.  I can only deduce that this action by them was a computer generated automatic process.  I say this, as whenever I speak to someone from booking.com they don't seem to know what is happening or why something has occurred.  Even their extranet messages seem to be computer generated. 

The battle has ended.  Even though I did eventually resolve the finance issue there has since been more.  I had to same problem trying to get a credit note from them. And, now it seems there is a lot of fraudulent credit card activity.  I have received numerous chargebacks in the last year for which booking.com will take no responsibility for despite them saying they verify the booker!


17 days ago
Sue Knights

exactly the same thing. Booking.com are asking for money I've already paid. They just don't respond to any contact. B useless

16 days ago

I've sent 3 messages to their help center (jan 10, jan 10 and jan 11) WITHOUT ANY ANSWER.

Is that really a help center?

11 days ago
Guest House on…

i am so frustrated, been trying to claim my online payment since last year, they only respond to my mails when i owe them, but when it come to paying me, they send me from pilllar to post, no one can tell me anything week after week, no channels to lay complaints


2 days ago