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Confused about pricing

Hi, I'm confused about how the pricing appears for my property. It sleeps up to 6, but I don't want more than 4 adults. I want the pricing as follows. 4 adults - set price

3 adults - lower price

2 adults - lower price AND as many kids as make it up to 6 people altogether, but kids go free.

I can't work out how to display this in my listing; can anyone help? Thanks

Isle of Wight …

Hi Lizzie

Is your property self-contained / self-catering? Do you provide anything extra for 4 or 6 people such as breakfast / dinner, where the costs to you will be higher than for 1 or 2 people?


If you have a hotel / B&B, you will be feeding guests, so it's important to charge for each guest. If you have a self-catering property and do not provide food etc, the guests are paying for the property, and if you have different pricing depending on the number of guests, you'll get people booking for one person, but arriving with a family of 6. They do this with my self-catering properties, but as we charge the same amount regardless of whether it's 1 or 6 people, it doesn't matter to us - we get the same money regardless.