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I need to talk to someone at Booking.com urgently, how do I do that? There is not a phone number where they say it would be on their site and the other number that I can find is not working. I tried to send a message several ways and it is not sending either. I'm at my wits end!

Thanks in advance.




Very strange considering theres two ways.


1. Extranet, inbox, booking.com, click on right pane to expand and reveal two methods including phone number.


2. Bottom of this page, contact us link.


Kind regards

Pilgrim's Rest B&B

Sorry, I have nowhere a phone number anywhere on my inbox tab. This is the reason why I'm asking. I have searched all Booking.om sites and contact methods and no number anywhere. I've even looked outside the extranet, found a number, but it's not in service. Very frustrating.

Pilgrim's Rest B&B

Thank you for your time. I found that page, but the number is not in service. Very frustrating.

Community Admin

Dear Pilgrim's Rest B&B thank you for posting. Here you have phone numbers that you can contact:

 Australia: +61 (0) 2 9255 9200

New Zealand: +64 9 300 4670.

If you also wants to share your problem here, so to see if our Partners can give you an option, you're more than welcome. 

Pilgrim's Rest B&B

Thank you. I have received a contact email and phone number for a person at Booking.com from my channel manager. I will contact them to see if I can sort this out.