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contradiction of Booking.com for refund without my consent against 2018 ccv's (before March 2020)

Below emails exchanged with Booking.com

13 May 2020, mail from Booking.com :

"We would like to inform you that we are unable to refund the guest without your consent.Please try to check it on your system since we can see that you approved to refund the guest for the reservation last 16 Mar 2020, 

May 14, 2020, my answer: What page do I need to go to to check my approval for reimbursement?

May 14, 2020, your answer: We have refunded the Guests as the payment was facilitated by Booking.com and there is no further action required from you. 

15 May 2020

Please answer 2 questions in concrete terms 

- Which page should I go to to check my approval for reimbursement? - In the March 2018 (before March 2020) Terms and Conditions where Booking.com is notified that may substitute itself for the hosting provider to reimburse a customer due to a case of force majeure. 



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You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to help you with this problem.  Contact the booking.com help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet.

6 months ago

Hi sharon,


This is exactly what I write: "Below emails exchanged with Booking.com. » Via Extranet I would like to inform other hosts of this inconsistency regarding refunds made by Booking.com without our consent  .

6 months ago