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#coronavirus guest refund how to do this

#coronavirus My guest wants a full refund. How do I help them get their money back.  I have no idea how to do this. Anne 



Hi Anne Atkinson


Part of this will depend on how  the booking is paid for


1. Prepaid via website aka Payments by BdC.

2. Prepaid after booking, using instruction in Auto Message, with a time limit to make payment

3. pay by card or cash on arrival


Assuming you are not taking direct payments and using Payments by BdC or took payment by card direct from Guest then 


Open the reservation details page, click on message and notify them they will receive a confirmation email fro mBdC to proceed that they must click accept on.


Now on same detail page click on Request Cancellation, then option2. THis defaults to cancelling and full refund to guest.


Note : if you took payment your self, once they confirm the cancellation then you can go ahead and reverse the charge as per the payment method you used.


Kind regards