CORRECT NUMBER FOR HOST HELP IN PERU PLEASE!!! guests still leaving without paying!!!

Why are guests not informed when they reserved that they have NOT paid Booking.com and they must pay onsite???? or .... exactly HOW are they informed (if they are) when they book??  this is soooo frustrating! We still have several people leaving without paying thinking they've paid. and....

We had guests show me on their reservation print out that they were to prepay 50% of payment and we don't do that! we collect onsite. Is this the way Booking.com forces people into using their payment collection service for more commission???

I need to talk to someone on the phone asap and it took me quite a while to find the numbers and then the Peru number isn't even correct!! If anyone from Booking reads this please reach out asap!!! thinking about getting rid of Booking.com all together as I am fed up. PLEASE ASSIST!!! thank you


this is an example of what our reservation statement looks like. We've never taken prepayments and we have signed up for Booking to take payments for us.

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