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'Credit card and prepayment restrictions for new partners' - is Garbage Logic

I have been a Partner for 4 years now and since you're trying to sell me on this 'verification process', can you at least explain what it entails? I added my latest property on 06/28/2019 and since then I have received 12 Reservations so far, along with only 1 Cancellation. I have paid so far $741.83 in Commission to and have taken in a few dollars shy of $5,000. I've also accumulated 5 Reviews. All of this since going Live on 06/28/2019 - which has been almost 6 months, or close to 163 days. With all this I have invested into, along with my other properties and the years behind those, whatever response you have to justify this forced restriction happening now is stupid and retarded.This is why the restriction of accessing credit card info with only 14 days until arrival is garbage, and especially for an owner with years of tenure: One Reservation should have been able to be charged the full reservation amount within 30 days prior to arrival, as per my property's policy, on NOV 22, 2019, but threw this 14 day restriction upon me, so I could not charge until DEC 08, 2019. The result is the credit card for this reservation declined, so instead of 30 days for me to refill this reservation slot I only have 14 days to fill this slot. This is an unfair burden upon my property and I want this credit card time restriction removed immediately. When will this restriction be removed? The ‘No Prepayment’ restriction will be lifted after you’ve been verified by one of our teams or received a certain number of stayed reservations and reviews, and consistently paid your invoices. For security reasons, we can’t specify the exact number of bookings and reviews required to reach this threshold. After 4 years and hundreds of reservations with multiple properties along with consistently paying thousands of dollars in commission and other fees on dozens and dozens of invoices as a 'Partner', I am way beyond this vague jargon you try to pass as a 'No Payment restriction'.




I strongly advise you copy paste that into the contact us email us section, under inbox messages.


Otherwise they will never see it. And then it follow it up with a phone call 24 hours later