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Credit Card Declined

Hi all,

I'm new with We had 2 new bookings and both credit cards were declined. It appeared that these guests are scammers using stolen credit cards. I have a few questions? 

  1. This type of incidents seems more frequent on vs other sites for us. Do you experience the same thing?
  2. When guests book at last minute, but we are unable to process the payment. Yet the calendar is blocked. How do you handle these situations?
  3. Does penalize host for cancelling due to credit card declined?

Thanks in advance.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi! Vee  Le, sorry to hear about your struggles. handles my payments so I don’t have experience with credit cards but I would suggest to you to report this issue to through your Extranet inbox.

Maybe some other Partner can give you more details about credit cards.

Wish you well.

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fluff 2 years ago

1) Yes, it is only a problem on BDC. They do very little vetting of cards that come through the system, leaving that to us hosts.

Not all countries have the Payments by Booking system available, as we don't.

2) This is an annoyance and happens from time to time, the Invalid Card reporting system seems erratic on this. Sometimes a last-minute, invalid card will only be given one hour to re-present a valid card, other times 24 hours which is obviously plain daft.

We also receive bookings within 24 hours of check-in that are not marked as last minute at all, confused.....yup!

3) Not at all, as long as you use the correct procedure i.e. use the report card as invalid button on the booking page, wait 24 hours and then cancel (assuming no valid is presented) the reservation at no cost to yourself.

I personally believe that us hosts should be allowed to enter the amount of hours the booker has to re-present a valid card before cancellation. You get a sixth sense for scammers and time wasters and it would be nice to clear them off the system much quicker.


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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

"at no cost to yourself" is debatable .... check the ranking dashboard ... under Factors that influence your score, you'll see Cancellations .... so any cancellations flagged here could affect rankings and therefore bookings .... do cancellations of fake bookings / fake credit cards show up in this section? And if so, do you think that has an effect on rankings / bookings?

Jack Server 1 year ago

The best is to avoid accepting last minute reservations. does not check the credit cards. Anyone can book any number of reservations without penalty. As you discovered, it's a playful channel.

I usually do a google map lookup of the billing address before checking the credit card. 


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago


Good advice Monte Cristo...


We have to find ways to protect ourselves because some guests are not trustworthy...


Thanks again for posting?