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Credit card details authentication with passport identity check

Hi there

id like to suggest a new feature that allows the hotel to request an identity check against the name of the cardholder. Basically it compares a photo with a passport in order to confirm the cardholder is who they say they are. We are experiencing Fraudulent credit cards that go unnoticed by when they pass card details to hotel. It would be better if also passed passport and photo id with credit card too.



You can already request the extra info into top of new reservation auto message template and note that if they fail to within x hours, the booking is voided.





Nice idea but there is issues with GDPR and privacy , so it would be limited to L.E.Os and security and government such a service.


It does not make sense to ask for a photo and a passport  id, but i'm guessing you meant to say. Guest provides Passport ID in advance just after booking over message or some thing like Signal/WhatsApp [makes it secure], 


Thats typically what I do, as for validating the passport ID you could try the passport website for your country or theirs to see what a current passport looks like.


As to whether or not you can ring that organisation to check individual passports, I cant say for sure.


Kind Regards.  

I did a search and found a generic statement that said :

Only the issuing agency – the passport department of the country that issued the original document – can verify a passport as current or valid. If in doubt, contact the consulate of the country that issued the passport and ask if it can verify it for you. 

Ingledene Gues…

Nice reply but I think needs to look into this in more detail.

An identity check can mean a variety of things.

The main point here is to authenticate the booking not the identity of the person.

My proposal checks that the cardholder is the same as passport.

It does this in two stages

1. Match photo to passport photo

2. Match passport name to cardholder name.

The purpose of this is to prevent someone using with someone else's credit card.

Ingledene Gues…

Could I also add by not implementing this is actually conspiring with the fraudulent booking to mislead the hotel by not adopting basic authentication principles.

Who suffers?

The hotel with a charge back three months later.

Who does not suffer? and the person who committed the fraud.




by not implementing this is actually conspiring with the fraudulent booking to mislead the hotel by not adopting basic authentication principles.


This is way out of touch with reality.


Just sign up for BdC Online Payments, its free and they offer the guest multiple methods to prepay, then issue you a VCC, and not the guest payment info. THen your payment is guaranteed.


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  2. Online Payments | for Partners


Ingledene Gues…


Identity checking a passport with credit card is NOT the same as vcc. Vcc is charged at an additional 2.6% plus a hotel bank charge of its own as well when it processes the virtual credit card. 

Your reply does not address my point. should provide a FREE identity check when passing financial information to a hotel. Many companies already do this as a prerequisite when you open an account with them. Examples include: Banks, online  stockbrokers, estate agents, solicitors, identity agencies. The list is endless. This is 2021 not 1995.

I'm quite sure the FSA would agree  with me too that when you open a account should make an identity check and if the check fails it should not forward financial information about the guest to the hotel.