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credit card payment


how can i make my business book with credit card ???plzz help....

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Rented House Saranda


Do you mean :

  1. Allow Guest to book on line indirect via an OTA such as and prepay via
  2. Allow guest to pay you directly either prepay or on arrival?


If it is #1 - Indirect Payments then you can

  • Under Finance in the dashboard, Getting Paid, enable Payments by
  • Now set Rates as Non Refundable, with strict cancelation policy of 1 -24 hours
  • Now set Rate plan minimum 1 night stay, this enables the Risk Free option. Free cancaltion to the Guest but you still get paid.



If it is #2 - Direct Payments

  • Prepayment options can be Paal, Revolut, IBAN bank transfer etc
  • If not Prepay , collect the fund using a POS or similar such as the devices to read a physical card.


Strongly recommend option #1 , I use it and no issues so far.




Kind Regards,

Happy New Year.



PS: Link you property in your partner profile so we can review how it is setup , as this can help greatly understand what you have set, and reduce the time to help resolve or advise next steps.

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