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Credit card payments being disputed months after departure

I am wondering if anyone else has had the experience of having a credit card transaction disputed by a guest, via their bank, months after the guest has departed?

In the first one for me, the bank asked for information to prove the validity of the CC charge (associated with a BDC booking). I supplied all the BDC information and was informed by the bank that the booking name was different to the CC name and therefor the charge against the card was invalid. So the bank debited by account and repaid the guest. I lost over $1,000.

At this time the bank warned me that even if the name was a little bit different (slightly different spelling, different initial etc) the CC charge would be deemed invalid.

Now consider that with a couple, one partner may use the other partner's CC to pay for a booking quite legitimately, and have separate accounts so the name and/or initials will be different. Or the person booking may be paying with the CC of another guest where it's a small-group booking. There are lots of reasons that the guest name may be different to the booking name.

Be warned, not according to banks!

The second time this happened, I missed the bank report back window of 14 days (I was away), so the bank debited my account and repaid the guest. So I lost over $500.

Then I recieved a BDC booking for a guest that had only one name. Lets just say the guest name was "Wang". The name on the credit card was (e.g.) "L. Wang". So I contacted BDC to advise them of issues with transactions being disputed in the past and bank advice about even slight discrepancies.

BDC advised if I wished to decline the booking, I would be liable to pay for the guest's relocation to other equivalent accommodation. I wasn't very impressed! And suggested BDC should check the name on the credit card matches the booking guest name before they accept the booking.

In the end, I was instructed to mark the CC as invalid, and loose the booking, because I wasn't prepared to take a chance on a disputed CC transaction down the track.

BTW, if you get about 3 disputed CC transactions that are deemed invalid debits, the bank takes your credit card payment facility off you!

So it's super disappointing that BDC don't insist on (and check) the name of the booking matches the name on the CC, before accepting the booking. Especially since BDC charge significant fees and don't even process the CC payments (unless the guest elects to pay via virtual CC and I have only ever had one of these).

Has anyone else had this issue?

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fluff 2 years ago

This is most definitely a thing.

Any booking that comes through with the slightest difference between booker and card name is marked invalid immediately. I also write a polite note to the booker explaining the problem and how to fix it. All honest bookings correct the information, the dodgy ones don't and you then just cancel it.

It is basically a scam perpetrated by the guest after the event, a very deliberate move that you must protect yourself from.

Alice's Palace… 2 years ago

Both times of disputed CC transactions have been with last-minute bookers - booking only a few hours before arrival. Hmmm. I wonder if this is a 'thing'.

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Spectacular Ap… 2 years ago

I cannot believe that we must not only provide the best and ready property, but also deal with all the *** presented and unchecked by 

People, list your properties on Airbnb! This is a very reliable and proper service. I do not even start thinking about the banks and credit cards issues, Airbnb does it all seamlessly on mine behalf. This is what they charge their fee for. I recon is a sophisticated fraud scheme.

Alice's Palace… 2 years ago

I agree that BDC should be taking the payments if they are going to charge 15% in fees. Anything less is... a lot of work for hosts and forking out a lot of money, at the same time.

Not to mention, hosts have to either absorb the bank transaction costs (around 1.5%) or charge it on top (I charge on top and advise this in the fine print of the listing).