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Credit/Debit card refused (by Payments by in the U.S.) after check in

I've learned my lesson - I should have hit the 'charge' button on check-in day before the guests arrive - but in this instance the card that has on file and was used to pay for the deposit was refused when I tried to charge the balance due after they checked in June 8.  I was off site, couldn't reach the guest until the next day (it was only a two day stay) who said their card had been compromised and 'frozen' and won't be useable until June 14 (3 days after they check out).  The reservation on Booking says I am free to cancel it since the card is not useable but should I wait until 14th in case the guest is being truthful?  And what is the purpose of cancelling a reservation whose dates have already passed?  Is it to avoid paying a commission to Booking?  I did receive 50% of the payment with the deposit and the guest completed their stay.

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It's not actually a cancellation that you do in this case, it's a no show.

Your situation here is very bad, you can take only the deposit, that's it, which is guaranteed and if you mark the reservation as a no show, then you don't need to pay a commission.

Let's hope the guest completes his payment and then you can get the rest of the money.


Zsolt -

1 year ago

Thank you very much for your advice Zsolt!~

1 year ago