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Cuba Paypal

Hi everybody, a few days ago I saw that looking for a house in Cuba and selecting the paypal filter in the search, they leave 23 houses. You know if for those who rent to Cuba but are resident abroad they can receive payments on the Paypal account ?

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I'm hoping someone replies on this post because we have also just loaded a property that is not in the same country we are and it seems that we will need PayPal for payments. Well it's either a Payment platform like that or we will have to just accept bank transfers... 

Best of luck.


Unfortunately, booking is absent in payment problems. I wrote many messages to the support and never got an answer.

Leandri Klopper

That's disappointing. I'm really out of my depth with this one and I really do need help. I've now reached out to my account manager for assistance. I'll hear what he says and I will let you know. 

Thuild - Your …

Hey guys,

To clarify the Cuba issues (because I work with a lot of properties there):

1. What you see as PayPal payments applies for people booking those places. This has nothing to do with how YOU receive the payout from BDC. People booking those places will pay BDC via PayPal and not you.

2. If you're a resident abroad, you can ask for someone like me to process the Virtual Cards for you and transfer the funds via a bank transfer/PayPal or even AIS in Cuba.

3. Leandri Klopper  it will probably come down to doing VCC payouts, nothing else would work.

If you are interested in charhing your Virtual Cards (VCC) drop me a message via my website and we can chat about details.


Zsolt -

Leandri Klopper

Thanks Zsolt!

I will definitely do so. 

We are waiting for our first booking to see how it comes through and whether or not our POS terminal can charge the VCCs. If that doesn't work, I still have you email etc. 

Much appreciated.