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Currency for loading rates changed for an entire country. Say what????

Hey guys, 

It's been a while since I was active here, it's been a very tough period lately and the following is not any good news.

BDC sent me this message today:

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve your experience of working with us, we’re changing our system to allow you to manage your rates in your local currency.

This means that, on 18-12-2018 00:00 CEST, the currency you manage your rates in will change to Romanian Leu (RON).

Meaning that we can only load rates in RON currency.

Now the stupidity of this is overwhelming... how am I going to send you rates in RON when all other channels that I work with and connect to have rates sent to them in EUR?

Why doesn't BDC let partners have an option in this instead of doing it so one-sided? Let some of us use EUR and who wants, to use RON.

Why are they throwing this in the court of Channel Managers to solve?? I bet they haven't even got notified by these changes. 

How will the change of currency work with channel managers?
If you work with a channel manager, please contact them directly for full instructions.

I'm super disappointed and this actually might mean the end of the partnership if a technical solution will not be found.

Best regard,

Zsolt -

M Adamopoulou

Zsolt very akward situation indeed. No wonder you are disappointed. Maybe after complaining BDC will let you have an option. Hope this issue gets resolved the best way for the benefit of all.

Please let us informed!!!

Thuild - Your …

I've called them and the lady on the phone was kind of telling me that it will not change and it will remain like that.

Well, this is the kind of thing that happens when a company gets to have too much power on a market. Forcing their users to not have any options and taking away existing options.

Not fair use anymore, right?

M Adamopoulou

I dont believe it. Sorry for your struggles Zsolt.

Try to keep cool there has to be a solution.

Keep well?

Leandri Klopper


Welcome back! Hope you are keeping well.

Sorry to hear that, this seems to be part of their "We are trying new things" initiative that they've lately got. Make sure to send your feedback every step of the way, and encourage others to do the same. It's a New thing after all, new things needs to be tested to see if it works and how it's received.

Best of luck!

Thuild - Your …

Hey Leandri,

So, apparently my Channel Manager is smarter than I thought and they thought of everything, even when something like this comes up, they have an option to send currency exchange rates to any channel.

Praise them!

On the other hand, I still stand by the fact of being offered a choice, because now I need to abide to a currency exchange that might be for the best when it comes to my pricing.

We'll see when they make the changes.


Zsolt -

M Adamopoulou

Zsolt I hear good news. Thats great. Thanks for keeping us in the picture.

Thuild - Your …

Well well, totally disappointed.

So they've made the changes and never sent any notification that they would CLOSE the property on their site when the changes go live.

I was a very bad customer support move.

So today, I log in to put in a promotion, only to realize that my property has been offline since the 18th of December.

And this was their original message.

I'm super fed up with such service. We get thrown under the bus, hell of a partner relationship.

Zsolt -


Hi Zsolt - what channel manager do you have that allows you to seamlessly change the currency you push to properties? I am having the exact same issues you are having.



Thuild - Your …

Dear David,

Regardless what you use there is another big issue.

For it to work properly, has to convert currency too when they send the XML Post messages to your Channel Manager, without that, you will get local currency sum for EUR/USD (whatever you have set as main currency of the property in the CM).

I've got a booking for 307 RON and in my system it shows as 307 EUR, which is super bad. And the Channel Manager says, will need to convert it on their side for this to work properly.

If they won't, I'll remove my inventory from here, there are others who don't force stuff like this down our throat to figure it out later.


Zsolt -