Customer complaint


I have registered my establishment on his page with the name MONRISOL (***), it is the second time that I have a false reservation this time it is from a client of Wen ***, *** I have written him since he has not I have left several messages and there is no response.

I leave evidence that the guest has not shown up and I already indicate that I will not pay the commission because the guests have not shown up the last time it was also the same for a client from Spain but it has not changed the location of my establishment without However, if it appears I do not know what is happening but I have tried to communicate with you but the chat option does not work.


Estimado Gonzalo,

False reservations are a common problem for many hoteliers around the world, the majority choose Booking.com for their antics.

When you have a "no-show' you must mark this as the case in extranet, the option is on the right hand side of the original booking within extranet, if no money has been received be sure to choose the "waive charges" option also.

If you wish to avoid false bookings entirely, you must introduce some kind of prepayment with the booking, either the entire amount or a deposit. For this you will need a system that can actually take the money, such as Booking.com collect (if available to you), off line credit card machine or a third party credit card service.