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Customer didn't come on the booked venue and didn't pay (cash only) - I received Booking.com Commission Invoice

Hi there,


How can I request Booking.com to waive the commission and roll-back the invoice. Because, the customer didn't come to the venue on April 22-23 (already there is curfew and lock-down, no one is travelling within the city). And also, customer's phone number isn't connecting. How can I or Booking.com can request customer to cancel the reservation?


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,


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If the customer didn't show up you should have marked the guest as a 'No show' and then you wouldn't have been charged commission.  You can email the booking.com help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet to try and resolve the problem.  You have posted this on the partner forum so we are unable to help in this situation.  

6 months ago