customer error to choose the correct room

guest choosed  a couple room  instead  asingle…..   and       on  reservation      i  is  supposed      she  must  pay   30  dollars  intead 20 dollars   how   we  can solve    that???   in reservation  she     must  suppose  to  pay    30  dollars….  ho   could i  solve  this  in  the  system????


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Barry Reilly




Its difficult to read that, might I suggest you use https://translate.google.com, and go from native language to English.


In mean time I will make an estimate as to the topic.


" A couple choose a single bed room instead of a double bedroom during booking online."


There something else you have not said.... did they prepay online or is it payment on arrival?


Either way I would message them to clarify that if it is two people the room is only for one.

And that you have or have not another room for same dates, that is for two people.


You can then say you are cancelling the booking and happy for them to choose the correct room in a new booking ...

or you can leave it as is and make a note to assign a different room and they can pay the difference in cash on arrival.






Kind Regards



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1 month ago
M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

I do not like the cancellation button at all, so I personally would take the second advice Barry suggested.  Of course, its your choice.

" you can leave it as is and make a note to assign a different room and they can pay the difference in cash on arrival."

Have in mind that in your reservation section  there is a button to Change reservesation dates and price.

Wish you well.


1 month ago