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Customer need a invoice

Hi, my customer needs the invoice to his company's credit card to prove that he stayed in my appartment. From Where I can print it and sent it to him? 

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Lisa Savola! Thanks for posting in the Community!

If the guest paid with the credit card at the property, you can provide him with a receipt. 

If the guest paid in cash or via Payments by, then, unfortunately, the receipt cannot be issued. In this case you can provide the guest with the confirmation of his stay (you can find a lot of templates on Internet). 

Good luck

Cheryl-Anne Da… 2 years ago

Hi there,


A customer asked also me for an invoice.  Since they make they payment through your booking system I believe you should be able to provide a professional invoice for them and one that we can simply download and email to them. 

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Cheryl-Anne! Thanks for posting in the Community!

If the guest pays for their stay via, we provide them with the payment confirmation. 

But you’ll need to provide guests with an invoice at check-out, either on paper or by email (or both). cannot send an invoice to you or your guests. That’s because when a guest books your property, the reservation becomes a legal agreement between you and them. So it’s your responsibility to provide guests with an invoice.

Best regards!

Sean Thompson 1 month ago

How are properties supposed to provide an invoice for a pre-paid reservation when the property does not have access to how much the guest was charged?

Additionally, you say that there is a legal agreement between the property and the guest. Is there not also a legal agreement between the guest and

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BrookAve 1 month ago

Hi Sean,

  • Partners must generate the invoice for the business traveler
  • note i said business traveler , not normal guests.
  • they also must provide their business email, company name , address, vat id, company reg number  etc.
    • so you only email it to their business email as a pdf (never send a spreadsheet  format .xls etc) so they cant edit it after.
  • you can google for a spreadsheet template or for free use
  • you will find all the prepay info in the reservation detail page, its literally bee nthere this whole time.
    • click to expand the section view such as breakdown





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Keith Robertso… 13 days ago

I'm having the same issue with's policy on invoices.

An invoice is a legal document that must truthfully name the payer and the amount.

We receive payment from, not their customers.

Doctoring that, to make it seem that the payer is someone other than the party that actually tendered payment, is fraudulent.

Additionally, it seems that the amount paid to by their customers, does not always match the rate that pays to us.

So if we issue an invoice to a guest, for a booking they made with, they can not and will not be named as the payer on that invoice, since they are not the party that actually paid us, and the amount specified on the invoice may not even match the amount they actually paid, making the issuance of such a document utterly pointless at best.

I'd also question the legality of issuing an invoice to a party who did not tender the payment for that transaction, even if the name and amount has not been doctored, as surely that is privileged information that shouldn't be shared with anyone other than the actual payer.

The idea that, just because the money flows from the customer to the retailer, then eventually some or all of it flows to the supplier, means that the supplier is legally responsible for issuing the retailer's invoices, has absolutely no basis in either law or common sense.

Under consumer law, is the legal Point of Sale, and as such everything pertaining to that sale is the responsibility of the retailer, not the supplier. Including invoices.

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BrookAve 13 days ago


nope thats a work of fiction.