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Customer wants to cancel booking within 24 hours

This concerns booking number:***

The customer wants to cancel his booking today but this seems not easy to impossible.

How do I need to proceed?




Firstly please update your profile here with link to property, so your fellow partners who try to help have something to reference.


After some digging I found it here:


My 2 cents, it's up to you entirely.


I.e. the rate plan set, the cancellation policy set etc.


I just looked at your listing for dates in Jan,according to booking conditions on all 3 room types...


Guest pays 50% more than 7 days prior to arrival.

7 days or less 100% paid, and same for no show.


So based on that you have not said when they booked and then when they requested cancel .


Either way the guest has to choose cancel on the website, the system then may let them request wiaver to cancel fee of 50%, which you can 100% decline, then the system either charges the guest in full or 50%


Important to note.. this is a partner forum, and not a direct support forum run by the support team.


Its 99% partners that will respond

Community Admin

Hello B&B Chateau Hameau de Flaine! Thank you for posting in the Community! You have two ways that you can cancel a reservation:

- The guest can request to cancel the reservation through their confirmation email. Upon request from the guest you will receive an email that will request you to confirm whether you accept free of charge cancellation or not.

- You can send a cancellation request to the guest via your Extranet by going to the Reservations tab and choosing the specific reservation. On the left side of the reservation details there is an option to cancel.

You can find more information in the link below:…

Best of luck!