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hi we need help with the reserv *** the check in is the 13 oct and she never come so the process is a no show but we only need the cvc  is no there with the other date of the cred card ... seand the cvc plis to the mail : *** thanks 



Hi Carlos , 


That is not how it works.


Since you have not even mentioned guest has cancelled, I'm going to assume , now it is 14th oct, that no one has turned up.


If that is the case then all you need to do is open the reservation and click no show.


If then also prepaid BdC and there is a VCC on the details page, then you just have to wait until 122 noon on 14th Oct and then the details will be viewable.


All of this is in the COVID-19 Resources  above on top of every page.


I'm going to guess you have never read it all.

Perhaps that would be wise to do so now so there is no future confusion.


Its under this section  :

Postponed virtual credit card activation

To better protect the interests of both partners and their guests, we have temporarily changed the activation date of virtual credit cards to help process any payments or refunds. Check how this impacts you.



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Be Safe, Be Well



Carlos Saenz

realizamos el preceso como se nos indico despues de el 14/10 de las 12 de la noche y el cvc sigue sin aparecer es decir que nunca estuvo anexamos foto de como aparecio los 3 intentos de visualizacion ... esperamos respuesta a esta situacion ya que nuestro hotel siempre a solicitado que el cvc sea solicitado a los huespedes gracias 


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We carried out the process as indicated after 10/14 at 12 at night and the CVC still does not appear, that is to say, it was never attached a photo of how the 3 visualization attempts appeared ... we wait for a response to this situation since our hotel has always requested that the cvc be requested from the guests thanks

you wont get a response posting on here,


pick up the phone and ring them directly.

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