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I have a big problem to report and I don't know who to turn to for help.

Namely, We have 3 apartments and in apartment Mućo 3 there are two people which they have been there since 18.07.-21.07.2020. and one is *** who made a reservation on booking.They fought on the last night and did a lot of damage to the apartment. The walls, floor and the mattress are bloody, we got a big hole in the wall, and a wall lamp is broken. The damage amounts to at least 100 euros.

We have many of pictures, but we cant send you more than two in this message.

Please help us with this damage.

Thank you,

Gordana Mulićdamage wall lamp

damage wall


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jaybeegee 2 years ago

Hello and sorry to hear about your ordeal with your present tenants.

Please note that you are posting here in the BDC partner forum used to share tips and not sure you will find the solution here. BDC are not active here unless to moderate really.

We can offer some advice and mine would be take out an insurance policy! Also you need to consider a refundable deposit policy which you collect upfront/on check in which you can return on checkout.

You might want to call bdc partner support directly and you will find the local number on the portal.