Date modification


The guest ask to change booking dates, I can't do it, can you help me please?

Reservation number is ***

All information about reservation is in the message, I would like to add one more date.

Thank you in advance,

Irina Rage


** REMINDER : Posting action request here in Partner hub will result in NO ACTION taken ** Instead contact BdC Support directly.


Hi Irina


Please elaborate on why you cannot do it yourself in the Reservations Details Page on the right pane menu for Change Dates??


Dont post reservation number , as they will get removed, and Partners here will not need them.


Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport

  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Booking.com messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed. or 





Kind Regards,

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