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Deductions from amounts due

I have a property I let out in France.  The gross guest payments for this month are 360 euro, less 54 euro commission.  Yet, the amount I receive from is not 306 euro, but 273.27 euro.  I've searched everywhere in the finance tab, looked at invoices etc but cannot see what the extra deduction is for.  I suspect local taxes maybe, that is deducting at source, but I'm not sure.  Could anybody enlighten me please?

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Bookings sorry to hear about your struggles. I havent heard about local taxes deducting at source but I would suggest to you to call your local BDC office and ask their support team.

Good luck and please give us feedback...

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Michael Egan 4 months ago

Ive just had a deduction of$650 AUD which is more than half my income for the month and no ex[planantion. Ive paid commission and all chaeges but in addition they have deucted$650 with a code called 'AB' what is that? . Ive messaged them now I'll be waiting whio knows how long for a rep[ly.pathetic!