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Delayed payment

Has anyone had problems receiving payments from for overseas bookings? I have an overseas property and want to return to collecting payments from guests myself (It was costing me large transfer fees for sending commission payments to's overseas bank)

I have now waited 3 months for payment from because of 'Currency issues'.

There is no facility on my extranet account for opting out of direct payments from and even though I have sent multiple messages and spoke to multiple customer service operatives all over the world the finance department are still not paying me. They have promised a one off payment for my 3 bookings ( a considerable sum of money) but they say it will not reach my UK account as it is an automated payment in Turkish lira) however if they hear from some other department that my account is now opted out of direct payments then they will make this transfer manually.

It is so annoying because my UK guests have paid them in sterling. They have suggested I could open a Turkish bank account but then would subtract 20% at source for tax. I am already paying this tax myself though via my Turkish accountant so would end up paying it in double. 

I do not know how to contact the department that deals with 'opting out' but I have asked customer service operatives to process this opt out request multiple times over this last couple of months. 

Tearing my hair out is an understatement!

Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem and been able to resolve it? 

Thanks JC 




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BrookAve 2 years ago

that's a very strange setup.