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delayed payment from booking

anyone having problems receiving payments from booking? It's 18th of the month and still did not get the money from last month? Tried to contact them a couple of times , but with no results.

any suggestions for canceling payments through booking and manage them at the time of check in?


Not seen other payment issues.

I know the delay in payment is difficult but staying with 'payments by' is a lot better.  When I first started I was doing Cash only and had lots of people not showing up or cancelling last minute and no way of collecting payment.  Also running your own eftpos machines is expensive if you try to do that.

Have you tried to contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option messages)?

Sergiu Novac

i have sent them 3 messages and called them twice. Nothing!

I am thinking of making a complaint at European Consumer Protection Agency.

anyway, thank you for your advise regarding cash collection!

Cherebetiu Corina

I'm in the same situation!!!!! They didn't even issue the payment notice for July! But, of course, they didn't forget to issue commission invoices!

I decide to block the property until clarification.

Sergiu Novac

I am wondering if it's because of my Revolut bank account, which is not a Romanian bank...?

same situation for me: no payment notice, just commission invoice issued.

Cherebetiu Corina

No way! I have a normal bank account! 

Until April, I worked well whit them. But now..... total lack of respect and professionalism! 


Sergiu Novac

i have already deactivated payments by booking. I'm sure guests will be much more serious than booking.

and of course i'm sending right now a complaint to Consumer Protection.

Sheena Laird

I am in the same position.  I have not received a single payment since opening on 15th July.  I phone most days and have sent messages via the extranet but I never get a reply.  I am in Scotland.  The assistant on the help line says their handS are tied, they can only send emails to finance.  I have become increasingly anxious as I desperately need my payments.  I only rent out one room and am fully booked. owe me over £1k.  On the finance page it says for each date ‘payment being processed’ But when?

why are not communicating?