Hey friend please anyone can answer my question iam just new host on booking.com my question is: should i need to ask to the guest damage deposit and how is it cash or they can pay on application or booking.com will give fund if there is damage or key lost,and di i still ask the ID card when the check in and is it possible to self check in thank you so much



Hi Muhammad athoillah


Question: should i need to ask to the guest damage deposit ?



  1. Prepaid  Rate and damage deposit prepaid in advance, are separate.
  2. Send first auto message template, to include at top "ADVANCE DEPOSIT REQUIRED , this booking will be void if not received with in x hours/days. See the following options for prepayment.
  3. Booking.com will not handle deposits or deposit refunds.


If that said, there are many options but a lot of it depend on you, are you able to charge and or collect any payment on site?

You can also ask them in advance to submit photo ID by email via the Booking .com message system. 


Too many variables without further clarification from you.



Kind Regards