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Didn't get refund for last minute cancellation

 I got last minute cancellation and guests were charged full amount. I wrote couple of time to customer support didn't get any reply. calling them not helping as well. Please advise what should I do. 

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Hey Aregak,

I've had a similar situation with a reservation in May. Here are a couple of answers:

1. What I failed to notice back then is that the reservation itself was made back in September, meaning prior to the Payments by Booking system. I was looking to be compensated for this situation but unfortunately I wasn't because the payment hasn't actually been made. First, make sure that the guest has in fact been charged. You can see this in the reservation info.

2. If you have the Payments by Booking system working, than you will receive the payment for this next month, like all other regular payments made to you. No need to wait for it earlier.

3. If you check your booking details, there is an option where guest can book and cancel free of charge in a indicated time frame. You have the option to choose what this time frame is. It can vary from 2-4-8 hours or more. So if the guest made the reservation the same day as the cancelation, even if he was charged, there is a big chance that he got a full refund.

4. Last but not least, if none of the suggestions apply to you, you should continue to insist on talking to Booking Customer Service. I'm sure that's not a consolation, but by now, I have them on speed dial, know all their waiting songs by heart and started to recognise the people I'm talking to :)

Let us know what you accomplished. :)


1 year ago