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Discount offers

Hello. I would like to ask you how can i add a monthly discount offer (28 days or more) for customers -- you give only the possibility of offering a discount up to 7 days

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BrookAve 2 years ago




Only one option

Open Calendar List view, expand the left column rate plan,

Now in a rate plan for 7 days, think of that as 7 days or more


Now in calendar, for my Non Refundable Rate Plan called NR 7-13:

Min stay = 7

Max stay =28

and  then value i set for example is 40 euro


dont forget that if you have enabled:

Mobile rate -10%

Genius Rate levels 10% starts at

and stacks

I think genius business rate does not stack



You could consider a cashback offer on check-in

say someone books 28 night at 40e , =1120

and you are happy to discount that which has been prepaid to Payments by Booking.


You can wait until after check-in and instruct via extranet inbox BdC to refund partial amount for say 120. or consider giving it as cash on day 2.