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Hi there, is it true that are applying a discount to certain properties/rates at their discretion? I have noticed it on my own property and wondering if others have experienced the same?

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Hi M Adamopoulou, Booking dot com are now applying their own discount to bookings (it appears to be 8%). Not all properties and I'm guessing not all regions? I spoke to some of the Australian staff yesterday and they confirmed this - although they only found out via one of their customers notifying them, not through the company. The discount is being applied to "Pay now" bookings.

3 months ago

There was another thread on this recently but equally no hard facts were available.

That thread had the idea that BDC were applying the discount, out of their commission, on certain properties in certain regions.

Obviously this is done to make BDC look cheaper but also makes a mockery of the rate parity that all the agents insist on but then break themselves!

In that thread I also pointed that Agoda had been messing about with our rates, at our expense not theirs, which lead me to close out all rooms to them. This has now been rectified, for how long I don't know, especially as we continue to have other problems with them.

We really require some proper input from BDC on this one.

3 months ago