good day,

i have 2 disputes:

***,  we have not received payment, checked bank statements

***, no payment received


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rab newton

I have not received any money for 6 bookings 

I have a caravan in France but because I don’t have a French bank account they won’t pay me !!  has anyone else encountered this problem 

1 month ago
rab newton

I have contacted booking.com but they won’t email myself with any resolution and spent hours wasted trying to do so 

when/if I get the monies owed I will use other platforms next year to advertise not booking.com for sure 🥴

1 month ago

Unfortunately by posting 3 times on this you mark the query as Answered so less likely to be seen.

No this is not a regular problem otherwise no one would use the platform.

You say they won't resolve but presumably they have told you what is needed to be paid.  

1 month ago
rab newton

I’ve only posted twice 

yes they say I need a French bank account 

ridiculous for a company that trades its plight worldwide 

1 month ago

Actually its not and has nothing to do with BdC, its entirely to do with,

anti money laundering.


But yes there should still be awayvto accomplish both having a non local bank and prevent money laundering 



As for topic here, all finance disputes need to be logged, nothing anyone here can deal with. 

Logg by sending a message , set topic, subtopic.


Start in extranet,  inbox, booking messages, on right , see contact options, click. 


1 month ago