do i get paid for a no show?

What is the usual cancellation policy or payment for no show. have only joined booking.com and just assumed I would still get paid if a guest didn't show? what is the usual procedure as I have been with Airbnb for 3 years and this never happened?



Be prepared for the flood!

If YOUR policies allow guests to book without payment/without deposit/without full credit card details that you can charge/check, then you will suffer greatly from no-shows and false bookings.

You need to be able to charge credit cards off-line (ask your credit card machine issuing bank or failing that use a third party service) and have useful cancellation policies in place.

This is something that is becoming a massive problem that you will need to protect yourself from.


That is a reality.We as owner, think, we suppose to get paid for no show and guest what, that does not happened.I contacted booking because I have been affected by no shows, even when I have no refundable rates, meaninig, the price is relatively cheap but if guest no show, I get paid but it does not happen.

I try to update my dataphone to be able to charge for no show but the bank still is analyzing my approval.

Brendan Kerchoff

I feel that not getting paid for no shows is absurd. Firstly it violates and goes against business operations and what we as hosts are trying to achieve, and furthermore diminishes the ability of getting an actual paying booking to come in, where further resulting in 2 loss of incomes essentially.

I feel that more measure should be implemented in this avenue.

Just my thought


What are the suggestions for settings for new booking.com members? Any ideas how to set policies for guests to prevent no shows, false/ fake bookings? Please share your ideas.

Isnt it one very good thing to set "getting paid by booking.com" and to loose other restrictions like guest has to enter adress or telephone number for booking?

Getting paid by booking.com is also a good feature for partners who arent able to charge credit cards (on/offline)?

Michael Walker

So is there actually a way to be paid by booking for a no show? Please help if there is, thanks

Michael Walker

We have had several blows with no shows, we reach out and tell guests that a 50% deposit is required to confirm their booking.  We have had many guests that comply and pay immediately we have however had several no shows now and it is literally killing us were only have two villas and they are our only income, the most recent one was for 10days I don't honestly know how booking.com expect us to survive and pay them the huge 20% commission that they collect every month.

We are now being punished being told we are going to be taken off the preferred partner program because of our cancellation rate, the rate is booking.coms fault not ours as we reach out and ask for a request but booking promote book now no credit card required!

I've had so much abuse from people when I've requested deposits telling me its false advertising and that they will tell their friends not to book with us!!!!  Thanks for nothing booking.com!!!


In my case, I can not get paid for no show because I could not update the dataphone, to charge without the presence of guest.I filled out all necessary paperwork and it was not apporved so it is frustrated for me.If we request 50% deposit is required, we will be out of the competence.

I think it would be fair if booking charge the guest anticipated if a no show happen, we owner do not have to deals with guest and Booking would transfer that money.

Airbnb, is one of the best apps. because they chrge with anticipation to guests.

Nirmala guest-house

Check effective tours, we subscribe them recently and they work pretty well. They charge guests for us and transfer money to our bank account. What I like most of all, our staff has no access to guests card details and we always getting our money even if the guests cancel or noshow.