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does anyone know where to submit a legal claim for monies owed by in spain? had a reservation stay 6 weeks later no payment despite numerous emails plus owed for advertising material purchased but didnt arrive too and been dealing with that

need to make a claim against for monies not received for a stayed reservation here in spain. sent tons and tons of emails its been 6 weeks now...

What is their booking.coms registered spanish company?

keep getting sent around in circles...

issue not been dealt with in a correct and proper manner so have to resort for a claim

also a refund for goods purchased from their booking.coms e store back in July of this year for advertising material that didnt arrive *more precisely another partners goods with a different rating and items once opened and realising what the hell was going on...

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BrookAve 1 year ago

What is their booking.coms registered spanish company

Open a recent Invoice and look at the company info on it, thats the one you are looking for.