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Does booking .com collect monies like airbnb

Does booking .com collect monies like air bnb

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JasmineCottage 3 years ago

Airbnb take two separate commissions. As an owner you only see the small (approx 3.5%) commission that you are charged so on the face of it, it looks like Airbnb are cheaper than However, the guest has to pay 14% more which you don't see. I only found out the commission rate by asking guests who had complained the price was too high. I phoned Airbnb and they wouldn't tell me the rate, they said it was confidential information between them and the guests! Airbnb pay out about three days after the guests arrive. are far more up front about their commission rates. We pay 18% to be a preferred partner and payments are made as a lump sum in the month following the booking.

I hope that helps,