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Don't get scammed!

My recent post to after being harassed by a no show! Guest contacted us at 21:50 requesting 22:00 check-in. We replied at 22:10 with no response after. We explained that all the days were possible, but that we would need some time because of 10 minutes' notice late at night. First of all we paid all our legitimate invoices, but keep being harassed about a no-show. The guest booked many days and requested to check in 10 minutes after his booking which is unreasonable and almost impossible because dusting, toiletries, fresh towels etc is necessary according to our high standards to ensure guest comfort.

We replied via the extra-net, send the guest messages, called and waited for his arrival. I explained this over and over again. This is a scam. According to the no-show policy and cancellation policy we are owed we had to get full payment of KRW 2 412 468 which is about USD 2 081. This is a big amount for us and of course we would go out of our way to accommodate the guest. Instead we never received payment, the guest didn't show although the house were available for all the nights except for not just walking in straight after booking. Then the guest never replied to multiple messages and calls.

We kept the house available for the entire period and lost income through other channels and private bookings as well for the entire period. Then multiple people from contacted us months later with different amounts, reasons and invoices and want us to pay for a scam. We were never consulted by the guest nor Conveniently our e-mail responses got cut off with a message that this is closed, an invoice will be issued and communication after that has a no-reply function. Go to invoices on the extra-net and see there are no options to dispute an invoice and no easy links to comment on it either.

Wow, I will upgrade to the Hilton next time making a booking standing in front of a cheap property late at night with a 10 minute notice, just to upgrade 10 minutes later without any reply or response from I get to stay for free doing some nice late night moves with a channel who is more interested in their commission than sorting out the problem. If you chose to relocate the person, why didn't we get a message till months later. We were preparing to make the best out of an impossible situation.

You guys are doing great. We already lost so much money because of your deceptive free cancellation policy encouraging people to book and cancel while taking the maximum commission compared to other channels. I must say we almost never have complaints from any of our other channels, but guests from seem to have a different view of what they are booking. Come on. I am tired of wasting my time with this. We eventually have guests tonight and miraculously they didn't cancel. We are honest and very happy to pay what we owe, but this invoice won't be paid EVER! Better tell us in advance so we can get our case ready, cancel our listings and leave some honest reviews on one our multiple social site for this and other properties.

PS. Ask Airbnb for some tips. They bring me most business, almost never a cancellation or no-show, no complaints, excellent service etc. For this reason I lowered my prices on Airbnb and they are getting a lot of business.






First thing that stood out was : "but keep being harassed about a no-show"

Can you elaborate please, as this is kinda weird since you just mark them as a no-show and depending on risk free option or non refundable rate etc you either get paid by BdC or get nothing .


Reading more of it, the lesson learned here is until the payment is prepaid , don't close availability.


ITs an unfortunate series of  events after reading through that a few times , to piece the timeline together. I too had to learn, adapt quickly and improve policies and settings to plug the holes so to speak. Its really all you can do, Such as only allow prepaid and non refundable.


By the way this is generally only read by other Partners and not direct support team.




Kind Regards


If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


Note:: adding your property link to your partner profile helps other partners help and advise you.…

Wahyeon Beach House

Thanks Barry. Thanks for responding. We would like bookings to be prepaid like with Airbnb. No problems there, but with we have explored options here in Korea to do that. We don't take credit cards except through online sales through Pay Pal and our own App. won't accept bank deposits or Pay Pal on our behalf. That means charges the guest, but we still need to collect the money on arrival or message the guest to deposit the payment into our bank account. This has created a lot of confusion with guests thinking they already provided their credit card credentials and worried that they will be charged twice. We always see on reservations that "you are not authorized to see the credit card info".  We were of course disappointed losing our biggest sale ever. To make it worse we then to get our first response and an invoice months later for one amount, then another amount, then both amounts together. There was no correspondence from the guest or before this. Every time a different e-mail comes with different explanations and different amounts with the last few stating we can't change anything, an invoice will be issued for "different amounts" by different agents and then finally after we said we won't pay for relocation without prior consent the message arrived "Ticket closed" contact us. This was in a no reply message with no links. So go to the Extranet and try to find a link on the invoice section. Nope. Go to Help.. again being redirected to FAQ. Eventually found it and when I typed the booking number I got the message something went wrong several times (Strange - Almost like being blocked on that request). Typed in a dash randomly between the numbers and the message was sent. With one of the highest commission rates of all channels, you would expect some live support or at least some coordination between agents. I had so many e-mails regarding my invoice which was never issued till much later. Then the first one came for one amount and then another came about a week later for three times that amount. So they want me to pay roughly $182 and then the latter $403. Now to put this in perspective. I received no money at all. Not from the guest, not from and not from other guests who could have booked any of these days. We sent messages through the Extranet, private SMS, phone calls etc. Preparing and waiting like fools. Then they want to charge us a fortune. IT WAS IN THE WEEK AND NOT SEASON. MANY SIMILAR PLACES WERE AVAILABLE AT CHEAPER RATES THAN OURS. WE KNOW ALL THE PROPERTIES THERE. THERE IS NO WAY THE COST FOR RELOCATION COULD POSSIBLY BE WHAT BOOKING.COM SAID FOR THE SAME KIND OF PROPERTY. THERE WAS NO NEED TO RELOCATE THE GUEST WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING US AND EVEN SO NOT FOR A WEEK WHEN WE NEEDED A BIT OF TIME TO GET THINGS READY.

THE SCAM: Nobody here lost money except us and then wants to extort us for more. 1. THE GUEST: The guest didn't pay us a cent and had a request to check-in 10 minutes after his booking. They probably knew it's the way to get to upgrade them at our expense. That is why we till today had not one reply from the guest. Tried again to send him a message today to show him what is happening, but of course there is a problem on the system. He might have no idea what is happening seeing that he got charged by and wants his money back. Can't blame him for that. 2. BOOKING.COM In the meantime might have received a huge amount for a long stay without paying anything over to us. Now that the guest wants his money back, the most profitable way, even very unethical will be to charge us for some extravagant relocation costs and refund the guest with that and keep the rest. Good reason not to contact us for a few months. Maybe we would forget or let it slip. Wow, way better than a high commission. Think the agents are on a commission basis too. Eager text book lines by all the agents except for different amounts and facts. Our Cancellation Policy is no refund up to 30 days according to Korean law. Might be shorter on but we will stick to the law. Our No Show Policy is also 0% Refund. We would gladly have relocated the to a similar property at a similar price for a few hours, but were not consulted by or the guest. The rest of their long stay... the property was available. We only needed an hour two do get things ship shape. Place was clean, just needed to dust, get towels etc out and do our normal welcome gestures. TIPS: HOW TO BOOK THE PERFECT VACATION! 1. Use and book a very long stay at a house right next to the beach accommodating up to 15 people. 2. Go on a quiet day and late at night. 3. Stand in front of the property and request check-in 10 minutes later. 4. When you get messages from the host via the Extranet, SMS or calls - Don't respond EVER. 5. won't contact the host till months later. They will relocate or upgrade you at the expense of the host you booked a week or so with despite the fact that the host never received a cent from you or and lost business while holding the place. Don't worry will not consult the host before relocation. They will call it a guest complaint. 6. Never feel bad. advertises free cancellation all the time. This already caused so many losses in our business because other can't book while a property is on hold. Great for you... just read the fine script. Seems like the only winners here - SPACE TO EARTH - BOOKING.COM Get your act together! PS: Booking,com If the booking was confirmed and paid like you said - Why haven't we received a cent despite the no-show and  cancellation policy. With no replies ever from the guest and you waiting for months to issue different invoices to different amounts, is this a guessing game and HOW DO WE KNOW THE GUEST AND BOOKING IS EVEN REAL?  


Yikes! That's one column of text.... * one moment while I copy paste and format it in notepad into digestible chunks*  

  1.  I suggest for any bookings via BdC just use Payments by BdC and be done with it, set non-refundable and strict cancellation policy.  
  2.  Fake Relocations - Thats a shockingly terrible situation and not of your own making.
  3.  Finance section  Extranet - Is there no PDFs in here showing the various periods or months and what payment was taken by BdC from Guest?  

But if you did not have Pay by Bdc prepayments enabled at the time then I cant see how that even happens.


Bizarre., I would not be surprised if you decide to go to another OTA and be done with BdC

It just goes to show not all BdC offices regionally are equal in competence.



Wahyeon Beach House

Hi Barry. Thanks you are very kind. Sorry I am not used to typing in this kind of editor. I It looked fine in paragraphs before I posted LOL. I just entered to make a new paragraph, but it would probably be one piece again. I have never seen an option where I can request payment by I have been with the for a few years, but it might be a Korean thing because Samsung Pay etc here is very competitive and they block many payment options like Pay Pal and Stripe. Never had a problem with Airbnb or Agoda though, BdC has always been a headache though. Expensive, unreliable, difficult through channel manager etc. Maybe time to say goodbye to them. Best of luck with your business. Just wanted to air my frustration. Sorry you took the bunt of that. Make sure to let me know when you are in Korea. Regards Derrick