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Dont have payment from since 1 september

Dont have payment since 1 september. 


You should contact the Finance team as help desk to see if there is a problem.  This is the partner forum so unable to help with a specific issue like this

Tony Sutherland

They appear to only pay-out once per month and that is around the 15th of the month. So it is possible not to be paid for up to 6 weeks from the time a guest arrives.

That said, I have bookings from August that I haven't been paid for. Repeated contact with and their finance people (whom take up to 5 days to respond to an enquiry) has revealed that they have some big issue with their computer system where they can't interface with host's banks. And they don't know when it will be fixed. 


Also some hosts that just joined BDC think they will get paid but they didn't even activate "Payments by" feature first.