Don't know if I'm getting paid for a cancelled risk-free reservation

My listing got booked for two night (26-27 September, 2019), and the reservation was marked as risk-free.

The guest cancelled during the free-cancellation window, and I was informed that BDC was looking for replacements. 

I did nothing to the room status so not to risk getting my payment if the room was not filled for those nights. I only have one room of that type. Eventually, BDC could not find any replacement and the room went unoccupied on both nights.

Now, I am checking when and how I am going to get the payment for those nights, and came across 2 statements on the booking detail page.

One says:

We sent you a bank transfer

Booking.com has collected THB 0 from the guest for this reservation. We sent you a bank transfer on October 15, 2019 – it could take up to 7 days to appear in your account.

Sounds good, but it has been more than 7 days and the amount has not appeared in my account

Then I scrolled down and expanded another box and found another statement that says:

Availability removed

Due to lack of availability, we stopped looking for a replacement guest and won't pay for this room night.

So now I don't know if I am getting paid for these 2 nights. If BDC refuses to pay on the ground that availability was removed preventing them from re-filling those nights, what evidence do I have against them to show that we did not remove availability?


I received payment for risk-free bookings as a deduction from the monthly commission invoice. 

If you use channel manager, you should have a "change log" for this particular dates where you can see all activites. 

I would suggest to contact your account manager. 

M Adamopoulou

I also got this message!!!

  Availability removed.

Due to lack of availability, we stopped looking for a replacement guest and will not pay for this room night.


Availability restriction

This room had restrictions for these dates. We stopped looking for a replacement guest and will not pay for this room night.

Its clearly that BDC will not pay me!!!

I don’t understand it!!!




What restrictions are those?

Do you accept same day "last minute" bookings?

M Adamopoulou

No!!! I will get paid!!!

 I just contacted my local BDC office and they informed me that I will get paid and they apologized for the misunderstanding.

I have said it many times...my local BDC OFFICE has excellent service...

Sasitorn Sinthop

I emailed BDC and someone got back to me and said something along the line of 'Let me look at it and get back to you.' So I hope I get positive response like you did.

I used to have an account manager that I could contact via land line, but the phone number got cancelled and now I have no way of reaching BDC office. The phone number that I see on the inbox page doesn't even look like a phone number in my country and I think I may have tried calling it to be reconfirmed that the number indeed did not exist.

Sasitorn Sinthop

Another statement on risk-free reservation.

Canceled before Risk-Free time frame

Since this room night was canceled before the Risk-Free period started, we won't look for a replacement or pay for it and it will revert to its normal policy.

Guess I'm not getting paid for this one for sure