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Dormitory room setup

We have a mixed dormitory room at our guesthouse, Logess Estates Guesthouse, in Accra, Ghana. There are 9 beds available. This is our set up

However, when you go to, it says that there is only 1 bed available, even when there are no reservations.

Does anyone know what we did wrong? Thank you for helping us!

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Go to extranet (login) and find inbox tab. Post your question there. With the translation of the Dutch language. (I do understand but most don't) :)

But you can try yourself too.

You can change amount of people under the property tab in your extranet. You can change or add a lot of things there.

Check the rates and availability tab as well.

Good luck and happy hosting.


Aaltje B.