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double booking and payments and cleaning

I need someone to call me as I am new to this, and someone has booked on a inconvenient date ..what do i do? Also, how do I get paid? Also can I include cleaning fee?

I'm very confused and dont know what to do



Firstly this is the partner forum and not help desk.  Have you tried using the Help searches as lots of information there.  Try searching for Cleaning and all very obvious.

You are responsible for keeping your calendar up to date, so if you can't take guests make sure you have calendar marked as closed.  You cannot cancel a booking yourself, you need to request the guest to do it.  So useful to search for alternatives and then when you message and explain to them you can offer alternatives.  

  • Extranet
  • Reservations
  • Reservations Details Page
  • Right Pane, Request To Cancel
  • Choose option 2, submit
  • Wait for guest to receive email with action to confirm

If you get to do it they will charge you a relocation fee.

Getting paid will depend on your payment policy.  If you are new it is likely to be up to you to collect, either by cash or eftpos.  

julie PETROU

Thank you for your prompt response.

I will try to do it.. quite annoying that i'm unable to speak direct with

Anyway, it says on my site that they pay is that so? I wasn't aware that they pay me direct.

Is there anywhere on the site where I can add a cleaning fee, or do I just accept that it's within my fee?



Please re-read the information I spent time preparing, which explain how to search on Help for Cleaning fee and that payment will depend on your payment policy.

Yes you can call the help desk.  Search on Help for contact.