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Double commision. I live in Spain

Hi there!

I think that due to Brexit we are being charged twice. I've sent a message to Booking about that because it is not fair and I don't want to keep working with Booking if I am going to be charged twice. A kind of double commission.  Do you know if Booking is going to solve this issue?




Hi Emilio


This is first time hearing of this and 1st post on it.


Contact BdC Partner Support to clarify. Contact us



Emilio Martín

Why do you give that answer when you already know that it's not true as Francisco Albarado has shown. In fact, you are in the other post where this matter was discussed.  So again, I don't understand your answer. What's your role?

Fran Alvarado

Emilio, este es un foro de anfitriones, realmente no hay nadie que represente a BdC, tendrás que llamarles o escribirles a través de la forma de contacto habitual. 


Emilio this is a partner forum and no one really represent BdC, you need to get in contact with them trough the normal contact channels.



  • You originally claimed BdC are billing you twice for commission. Thats what you wrote and thats how it reads to others  
  • Because   we are Partners in the PARTNER HUB.  
  • So only BdC Partner Support & Finance Teams can assist, but they do not and have never had a presence here.  
  • So posting action requests for your account here will result in no further action at all.  
  • No one here can action anything for you, only you can.  


  • If you reread what you originally posted it is 100% unclear exactly what you meant.  
  • We are NOT mind readers, dont skimp on details, spell it out.  
  • Now I believe you are actually referring to how Brexit has effected payouts, i.e. your receiving bank account is being charged fees to accept the inbound payment from a non EU based bank.  
  • Had you just said that 100% clearly from the start, this would have been a whole lot simpler.


I recently posted about this myself and what I found out about it from talking directly to BdC Partner Support to demystify it.


BdC response was :" Yes we are aware of the issues and it is actively being worked on"


Kind Regards


Fran Alvarado

Remember that many partners here, like me,  are non English speaker's and there are no partnerhub in our own languages so try to be a little more comprehensive with those that don't dominate Shakespeare's language. At the other hand when a partner gets to here in most of the cases is because they're very frustrating due to the less support they get from "partnersupport" teams, so is easy to understand that they can't put the exactly words for their exactly needs, but if we read between lines and put a little attention is easy to understand what kind of help they need.

Thank you for your nice support. 



Agreed, and the fact that I am typically the only comprehensive Partner that goes out of his way to drill down, I get annoyed when I see someone being lazy. Because at the end of the day this is text and we should reread what we type before posting ::  

  • Have I stated my question or query in a concise and succinct manner so it can be easily understood.  
  • Have I been vague, generic, non descript, and made this harder than it needs to be.  
  • Have I realised I am connected to the internet and many tools such as Google Translate, so there is zero reason for not even trying.


PS: I'm Irish, I believe in skipping the waffle  and padding and getting to the root of it. Its also an IT support skill, for getting people to share the real details so as to determine the real issue and not the perceived issue.  

I even go as far as translating , when 99.9% of the 400K registered partners dont, just so that Partner can get a quicker response / answer that may help with a time sensitive issue.






Translating Francisco for everyones benefit

‎Emilio, effectively what is happening is due to Brexit,European banks are charging t fees since BookingdotCom was paying from a bank in England. I was with BBVA and they charge 21 euros per operation, I changed the account to ING and at the moment I am not getting charged anything. I don't know if Booking already fixed it or it's just that they don't charge.‎

‎Booking is up to date but I have not yet received any information that they have fixed it.‎