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I am a new host on Booking. I just received 2 reservations on booking, and on the paid detailed, I don't see that the guest paid the cleaning fees of 60 euros during his booking. What is the process for this? 



Hi Caroline Lagon


The process is to add the cleaning per stay charge in:


Extranet > Property >policies > additional fees


Unless the cleaning charge is already mentioned and can be paid on check-in, you cannot ask for it after  already recieving bookings. 


You can try ask for it , but the guest is entitled to ignore it as it was not on the listing when they made the booking. 


Also 60 euro is excessive for a cleaning fee in my opinion. What type of property is it?


You profile is missing the listing link.so I could see what it is , so i have to make assumptions without it.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well


PS: your partner profile is missing your property listing link, please add it

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