Extra charges for children

We are new to booking.com and have had a few teething problems. We charge £10 a night for children over two years old and we are getting complaints from customers because they don't know of this charge because it doesn't show in the total price at the booking stage. It only shows the charge in he room details further down the page. Booking.com have said that they are not able to add this charge to the total price. Do others have this issue or what are we doing wrong? Thank you

Aaltje B.

Take a picture from a magazine or something else that has bright colors, that shows a toy, and write in it: children 2+.yrs ...dollars .

Add that picture to as second in your listing.

Problem solved. Some sneaky people don't (want to ) read, and this way, there is no escape for them. You have prove, and they will see. Who doesn't look at pictures :)

Hope this temporary solution will help you.

And show us the results, as many people will be helped by this feature.

Have a happy Easter!


Aaltje B.

Mashi Niwarthana

As Ms. Aaltje said, you can do it.
Otherwise you can ask any questions from them after made their reservation. Connecting with them is a good idea. If you do it, you can know how many people will come to your place. Normally i do it. You can ask how they are going to arrive to your place and whether they want a help or not(pickup or drop). When you ask those questions, you can know about the number of people who are going to stay. But you need to ask like this question without acknowledging.

Cheers from SriLanka

M Adamopoulou

Aaltje B. Very wise of you...Taking pictures and uploading in listing works. I have uploaded location directions.
Mashi I do the same thing. I ask how many guests are coming so I can make bed arrangements.
Have a splendid day.


Yes, I am having the same problem. I charge for all children and it states that, but when the people book the saite only sees the adults and charges accordingly. I do ring the guests and explain they will be charged for their children, but they don't like that! I will try the pretty picture suggestion - thanks Aaltji.