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Fake bookings Angola

In the past 10 days we have received 4 fake bookings, purporting to be from Angola, all are incomplete addresses 3 with the same addresess with different guest names. The telephone numbers are also invalid.

booking finally agreed to cancel the first 2 as it was blindingly obvious that they were fake. Unfortunately booking have refused to cancel the last 2 bookings. This means we have 2 of our 4 guest rooms blocked for over 4 weeks during our busy time of the year.

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Thuild - Your …

Dear whoever you are,

You can force BDC's hand with the fact that you cannot contact the guests and they should try to do that, if not you will request the cancellation of those bookings.


You can tell booking that you want to ask for a deposit from those guests as it's a very long term booking and without a paid deposit you cannot accept it.

I'm sure if you talk nicely, it will be resolved.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Asad Chaudary

Assuming your bookings are only accepted if credit card details are provided, you can mark the reservation as invalid and cancel immediately after 24 hours.

If credit card details are not compulsory, send the guest a message with a request for a deposit/credit card details stipulating the booking will be cancelled if they don't respond within 24 hours. Assuming they don't, contact booking to cancel it.

Perhaps both methods are tedious and a little cumbersome, but hopefully you'll get the end result you want.

1 year ago
Miami Beach HomeStay

Fake Booking ? I truly believe there is a pattern to some of these Fake Bookings. Correct Phone Numbers are invalid credit cards are invalid and most of the times the address in non-existent. I noticed a trend when my property and my only competition when we both have availability I am certain to get a Fake Booking.

Booking.Com has made some changes the cancellation time has been changed to On last minute bookings day of arrival I believe Invalid Credit Card process To further relieve partner friction, we are happy to share with you the latest developments in this process:

  • Guests who have booked less than 48 hours before check-in, will now have either 12 hours or until 3 pm on the day of arrival to update the details of their credit card (whichever comes first)
  • For last-minute reservations for a period of over ten nights, guests will be given two hours to provide new credit card details (was 24 hours)
  • For reservations made after 1 pm on the day of arrival, guests will be given two hours to provide new credit card details
  • Besides running the validation process for high-risk bookings we are also running it for Non-Refundable reservations with a booking window longer than 14 days. Should the credit card fail to be validated, we will trigger the Invalid CC process on behalf of our partner.

I hope this information is helpful.

David Cernance

Miami Beach HomeStay

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi David,

That post was Super helpful, thank you!

I'm glad that is able to spot a sore spot and do something about it.

Best of luck all!

1 year ago