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I am a landlord. I rent an apartment in Sochi through Booking.com. # ***. From November 2019 to March 2020, the Booking.com sent money for renting my apartment to an account that does not exist. From a non-existent account, of course, the money was returned back to Booking.com. In March 2020, we found out what the problem was and the card number in the Booking was changed to the correct one. Subsequent rent payments began to flow normally. However, the money returned from the wrong account was not transferred to me. It should be noted that I paid Booking's bills - % from November 2019 to March 2020 and, as it were, with the money that I should have received. Along with this payment, I've lost about of 1000 euros. Now, is october 2020. Every day, my manager asks Booking specialists to understand the situation and send money. Three times he was asked to "confirm" the same "corrected" card data. And he did it 3 times.The same information is confirmed 3 times! The first application was created 26.02.20. There is no financial department or responsible person in Russia. A claim cannot be made. A robot answers the phone in Holland. Contact and filing a claim with the financial department are not provided in the options of this robot. What we gonna do now? We must looking for an opportunity to resolve problems through the courts?



As this is partner only forum, not BdC support nor finance, nothing will come from posting this here.


I'm sorry to hear of your struggle with BdC to do a simple reissue of outstanding payments due to them bouncing to invalid IBAN info.


Note if that many payments bounce ,or never started as the transfer IBAN info is invalid, which is more likely, the system needs to have an alert setup to catch this type, from a technical perspective.


Communities Team  some feedback above for an alert type that may not already exist to bring to meetings this week if you could, thanks.


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